Street Fighter V Story Time Line BY Ono

As fans look forward to Street Fighter V for many reason one big one is a story mode that is going to link everything together. As Ono has stated before story mode will serve as a answer for the gap between street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3. It seems thought there is more than that. Ono has explained today the time line that is the SF games it goes Alpha, Street Fighter 2, 4 then 3.  The point to this story is not just to give you a good narrative for this game but to fill all the gaps.

“We’ll bridge the gap between the events of SF4 and SF3 in the timeline. That will finally close in all the gaps and create a nice, clear story across the board.”

As much as you may be looking forward to that you will have to wait a bit. The game will have a story from launch but it is more of a taste as the rest of the story will come with free DLC in June. But according to Ono it is worth the wait.

“In terms of the story mode we’ll have in the game on day one, on the disc, it’ll serve as more of a prologue to get people immersed into the world of Street Fighter 5. It [will] be a prologue for each individual character leading into the story expansion, where it’s going to be this very deep, well-told story.”

SFV 31_sf5plottimeline


As always thank you for reading.

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