The King Of Fighters XIV More Interview More Questions

Oda did a lot talking this week if the not presentation for The King OF Fighters XIV wasn’t enough for you he did two more interviews. The one I will like to discuss with you is a small one I found on as he talks about the game explaining the team mixing new old this time however giving their previous works such as 2002, 03 and xiii while touching on some designs. For example Kyo going back to his original forum instead of the added muscles he got in XIII. Kyo like other character got some extra muscle in XIII.

Their are a few interesting takeaway to for instance when talking about new characters as Oda says he is including new characters and SNK characters. This might be a little slip were they might be adding more character from Snkplaymore fighting legacy.

As far as gameplay Oda is talking about a new mechanics. One example is four type of jumps slightly mentioning max mode (the new mode that allows you to us ex moves for free as long as the mode is on working the same way HD did in XIII).  No word on the advance cancel we say during the key note. Oda is promising a solid story mode how the story will be viewed is left to be seen.

“The following is a synopsis provided by MMCafe / The Madman’s Cafe.

– The developers at SNKPlaymore are making sure that KOFXIV has the “feel” of KOF, so that when anyone touches it, the controls still feel like a KOF game even though the visuals are in 3D.

– KOFXIV’s development team has staff returning from the 1990 as well as KOF 02, 03, and XIII. The ratio is about equal.

– Kyo’s physique have gotten muscular over the years so they’re making him slim again and giving him a more modern design

– Reconfirming what he said numersou times, Oda stated that VIX will feature a new storyline.

– There won’t be minigames in KOFXIV, but SNKPlaymore has a ton of past artworks in their collection so they’re planning to include a gallery mode in the game.

– KOF going 3D doesn’t mean that all games in the future will also go 3D. However that’s also to say that past SNK titles have the potential to return in 3D.

– (Talking about XIV’s game system)
“Before going on to adding new systems, we went through a reevaluation of all the systems in KOF. For example, whether we really needed 4 different kinds of jumps, whether the Maxmode is good, which titles were most loved by the players, whether there were unneeded systems, and so on. After doing so, we decided to brush up on each of the system and make them new.”

“For example, previous KOF games had different number of supers per character and only some had an EX version, so we made that universal. And since it’s a console game, we threw in the Rush Combo system. We also wanted something fun that people can challenge during battles, so we added the Just Defence system that we’re still tweaking.”

– (Regarding new characters)
“I can’t reveal the number, but there’s quite a few of them when you include the new characters and SNK characters. Quite a number of them. (laughs)” **Note that Oda says SNK characters, not KOF

– (Regarding XIV’s 3D graphics)
“We’re getting a lot of negative feedback on the visuals, so we’re still polishing up on that. I think everyone will be happy by the time the game is finished.”

– (Will there be stories for each character?)
“We’re planning on making a solid story mode.”

– (Will story mode be in 2D or 3D?)
“Please look forward to the final product (laughs)”

– (Will there be official tournaments, events, etc?)
“We can’t make a solid reply but we’ve thinking of it.”

– (KOF is poplular in China. Are there plans to include Chinese character(s)?)
“The game will have Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese support. There will be a stage based on China and Character(s) too so please look forward.”

KOF XIV kof_02 KOF XIV kof_03 KOF XIV kof_04 KOF XIV kof_05



As always thank you for reading.

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