Final Fantasy XV Flying Cars to Airships

A lot of information was given at Uncover Final Fantasy XV last night and one of them was a new trailer. The trailer was shown twice at the beginning and end showing us new action more places as well. We also got to see Titan the second summons Noctis gets in action using his move Gaia Wraith.

We didn’t get to see it done as the it cuts out right before he performs it but I don’t think anyone was thinking about that as we got to see the car take a note from James Bound and take to the skies. I highlight as the big one if not one of them as fans have been asking for an airship and this seems to be Hajime answer. Will it work though is the question. Main purpose it should do fine but it will be something to see how fans take it.

As far as mini games go we did get to see one in the forum of a pinball machine. The mini game is title Justice monsters where I guess Noctis and Prompto enjoy playing a game from their youth. Their imagination soon take over as the monster are flying and sometimes changing.

We also have a small segment where you play as young Noctis in Platinum demo. The young prince is dream and with Carbuncle by his side he ventures through the land of dreams and sometime he can see his future self. c

You can see all the trailers for the games I told you about and the movies I told you about earlier below.



As always thank you for reading.

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