The King OF Fighters XIV Geese Is Alive Not Dead

Yesterday the 10th trailer for The King OF Fighters XIV was posted  focusing on Geese and Ryo premier in the game. I talked about a little but their is some stuff to look through.


kof xiv 31_koftrailer01 kof xiv 31_koftrailer03

First the man who controls South Town came back with a vengeance as just countered for most of the trailer anyone who has anything to do with South Town. With that said I have noticed that some people think he is dead and I have to tell you that is not true for the KOF universe. In KOF Geese is very much alive not only did he appear in KOF 96 and XI but he also sponsored two teams. In the trailer though we see most of his classic moves except for the slam he did as it looks it is part of a new move.


kof xiv 31_koftrailer04 kof xiv 31_koftrailer06

The invincible dragon is back as Ryo took on Geese in the trailer. Just like Geese he seems to have all of his moves with a slightly different animation on his neomax. The information on the PlayStation Blog says he runs the family Dojo and that he has been in every game since the beginning in 94.


kof xiv 3C2MKIQ

We saw very little of him but we do see Joe the third member of the Fatal Fury team getting thrown by Geese. He is not mentioned in the blog so I don’t know if he was slip or what have you but since he was their for the first time in KOF XIV video I am talk about the man with the cyclone fist. What little we saw Joe have on a different pair of short but that is it. I would hope we would get a longer trailer showing him at he end but I guess they are saving him for next time.  To prove that it might have been some accident he was in the trailer the updated picture for all the characters doesn’t include him.

kof xiv 26163477155_7cc2592cb2_b kof xiv 26071007952_0d8e4cc44a_b


As always thank you for reading.

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