Street Fighter V Concept Art Oni, Abel & More

We have more concept art for Street Fighter V. The concept art that showed us some alternate customs for the main cast shows us character from Street Fighter IV while others are just part of the lore or made it up. For example we have Rufus, an injured Abel and Oni while we also have Goutetsu, a man who looks like Dan father and some members of Delta Red ( I think).  I will post the images below for you to see.  Now before you say it this is not confirming anything as these pics were used to joke fans with Zen or these outfits. Yet an injured Abel might explain why we don’t see him this time around so their may be a small bit of truth to some this. I said small remember that.

sfv 02_bengusconcept06 sfv 02_bengusconcept07 sfv 02_bengusconcept09 sfv 02_bengusconcept10 sfv 02_bengusconcept11 sfv 02_bengusconcept12 sfv 02_bengusconcept13 sfv 02_bengusconcept14 sfv 02_bengusconcept15 sfv 02_bengusconcept16 sfv 02_bengusconcept17 sfv 02_bengusconcept18 sfv 02_bengusconcept19 sfv 02_bengusconcept20 sfv 02_bengusconcept21 sfv 02_bengusconcept22 sfv 02_bengusconcept23 sfv 02_bengusconcept24 sfv 02_bengusconcept25 sfv 02_bengusconcept26 sfv 02_bengusconcept27 sfv 02_bengusconcept28 sfv 02_bengusconcept29 sfv 02_bengusconcept30 sfv 02_bengusconcept31 sfv 02_bengusconcept32 sfv 02_bengusconcept33 sfv 02_bengusconcept34 sfv 02_bengusconcept35 sfv 02_bengusconcept36 sfv 02_bengusconcept37 sfv 02_bengusconcept38 sfv 02_bengusconcept39 sfv 02_bengusconcept40 sfv 02_bengusconcept41 sfv 02_bengusconcept42 sfv 02_bengusconcept43 sfv 02_bengusconcept01 sfv 02_bengusconcept02 sfv 02_bengusconcept03 sfv 02_bengusconcept04 sfv 02_bengusconcept05 sfv 02_bengusconcept08


As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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