The King Of Fighters XIV New Fan No Rock

The King Of Fighters XIV has had a lot of new trailer with each one confirming a returning character or introducing us to a new one. Geese the boss of South Town was revealed awhile back in his tower. Fans were pumped but seeing the big Fatal Fury boss made them wish for his legacy Rock to join the game.

Rock is the student of Terry and star of Garou Mark Of The Wolves. A student of the lone wolf but son of Geese the young man had a mixture of their moves with his own twist from Geese projectiles and raging storm to Terry moves in a combination of burnt knuckle and rising tackle. The character is most well known for his appearance in Capcom VS SNK.

According to the leak this might not happen because of Alice a fan of Terry from the Fatal Fury Pachinco game. Fan in fighting games means a little different as most fans who join the fight emulate their favorite fighter. To give you an idea Sakura is a fan of Ryu not student fist but fan. Shingo was a fan but was slowly brought in as he is a distant relative of Kyo. These fans often have their master moves but not as strong or with their own version. This lead us to the problem as with Alice in the game line their is not a place for Rock at the moment.

I am saying at the moment as I am sure their will be DLC for the game as this is the crew behind Street Fighter IV and they added a lot before Ultra when they stepped away. Also their competitors have a lot planned for their game so KOF XIV although not the same should have something. To be clear yes they said no download but they meant of the current roaster. When this talk about DLC was goin on Ono announced the six character DLC for SFV and Oda wanted to make sure people understand that they will not have to wait for the full line up. At the same time he didn’t rule out completely DLC just have no plains for it. Rock still has a chance but not from the start. Although it would be interesting to have Alice and Rock meet.

kof xiv cs2 KOF XIV cXaPQOx

kof xiv 31_koftrailer01 kof xiv 31_koftrailer03

As always thank you for reading.

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