Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 On Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 announcement excited fans as but it has asking from more info as all we got was a trailer. Among these questions is the question of how much Dragon Ball Super content will be in the game. For the record DBX had content from both god moves Revival Of Freeza and Battle Of The Gods. Well the best answer is not at first. DBX2  has been in the work before DBS aired so the content will not be in the game to much but will be added on. Or as producer Masayuki Hirano puts it.

” Laughs] Since Dragon Ball Super is still playing we are hoping to add those characters and features into the game. As you can imagine, it takes a long time to create a character. It may be before the game is released, it may be after. To be candid, we’re just starting to look into it.I would like to point out that we are planning to support the game with free updates and maybe paid DLC after the release. We hope people will look forward to that as well”

dbs 20160616_114426_thumb


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