The King Of Fighters XIV The Thing With DLC

The King OF Fighters XIV is coming out soon and even though we know the whole roaster for the 50 characters fans are still asking about DLC. Oda himself has said nothing is decided but today we find out that patches are in the works and  to come per year. What the patches will contain is a good question as it wasn’t mentioned but fans should know it is on the table. This come from a conversation he had wit 4 Gamer that has been translated and then clarified on Neogeo You can see both below as well as someone mention KOF VS DOA.
“-SNK seems happy with the chinese public, and certainly they are a great bet, as they are a big market.

-There will be no ON / OFF option for Rush Combo, and it was decided during the EVO 2016 where the Rush was not used and not even exploited,for SNK the Rush Combo will not make any difference … it’s much more rewarding to invest in advanced combos.

-No DLC for now, only the 50 characters! … But anything can happen …

-DOA vs. KOF hasn’t been thought yet, only Mai until now … and there are no plans to put DOA characters in the KOF franchise.

–Apparently Oda was challenged in the event, and it was not this time, again, that he won —

— Several censorships happened in the Chinese version (Ex: Luong and Angel)—

– It is expected one patch per year for KOF XIV, as Oda after the release of XIV will prepare himself for the release of another SNK game.
A few things that need to be added from the same Impress Gamewatch article–

Ryu Seira is doing voiceover for the game, confirms Impress Gamewatch. She’s a VA from China who’s now living in Japan so she fits the bill perfectly for a character that talks in both languages. It’s probably Meitenkun, not Mian.

There’s no off switch for the Rush system but it wasn’t because of Evo.
In the original text Oda says
“There’s no on-off switch for the Rush system and we believe that the Rush System has been balanced enough that advanced players won’t be able to exploit it. In fact, nobody at Evo was using it, and I believe it’s because the advanced players are better off without it.”

Oda never mentions in the interview about going on to another SNK title after KOFXIV. Nor does he mention anything about one patch per year.

He says
“Updates are something we’ll need to think about. Traditionally we released a new KOF on an annual basis, but whether that fits with the customer’s need in the modern age is something we need to figure out.”

“(For the future of the KOF series) As a creator I want to make it into something new, but players will have a difficult time if the rules keep on changing so its’s something of a headache.”

On a slightly different note, according to this week’s Famitsu, ranked match for KOFXIV will have an option for grade skipping for advanced players when they start off. It not only lets them save time from grinding to climb up the ranks, but it also lets new players avoid getting slaughtered.

The way it works, the number of wins in their first 10 matches will advance them to a certain rank as follows:

0 Wins: Entry level
1-2 Wins: Junior rank 5 (5 Kyu)
3-4 Wins: Level 1 (Sho dan)
5-7 Wins: Level 5 (5 dan)
8-10 Wins: Ranked title “Shihandai” (Associate Master)

Note that the Kyu/Dan ranking system is unique to Japan so it’ll probably be worded differently for the English release of the game.”


As always thank you for reading.

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