Kingdom Hearts 2.8 New Pics

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is supposedly the last time we look back at the event before the first Kingdom Hearts along with black. We are getting new screenshots of the game main character. Aqua takes the lead role in this untold tale. Enjoy the pics of both games as we get to see some of black characters

kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_001_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_002_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_003_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_004_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_005_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_006_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_007 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_008 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_009_jpg_600 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_010 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_011 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_012 kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-final-chapter-prologue_2016_11-21-16_013_jpg_600


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