BloodStained Add Studios

Bloodstained  is getting some help in development. DICO and  Monobit. The two are helping the game which is in main development through the guys who brought us Azure Striker Gunvolt studio Inti Creates. The two new companies on the project have issued the following statement and Koji posted a video to show how the game is developing.

Emilio Gallego, DICO COO

“Nice to meet you. I’m the COO of DICO, Emilio Gallego. We’ll be working with IGA again as one of the teams working on the development for Bloodstained. We’re very excited for the project and are ready to step up to the plate. DICO stands for Developers for International Communication. We dedicate ourselves to developing for a global audience. With Bloodstained, we’re confident that we’re equipped with the team best suited to provide a game true to IGA’s vision. We know the fans are eagerly awaiting his latest masterpiece, and are proud to be able to help deliver it to the world. We’ll do our best!”

Honjo Yoshitaro, CEO of Monobit

“Nice to meet you. I’m Honjo, CEO of Monobit. We’ll be providing technical support for the development of Bloodstained. I’m personally a big fan of the original series, and am honored to be able to work in IGA’s latest project. We’ll be using our technical know-how to give the team the tools they need to make Bloodstained the best game it can be. We think you’ll love it, and look forward to helping the project come together.”

bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night bloodstained-505-games-publish Bloodstained-Ritual-of-the-Night_2016_06-07-16_006_jpg_600 Bloodstained-Ritual-of-the-Night_2016_06-07-16_002_jpg_600


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