Street Fighter V Alex Wardrobe

Street Fighter V has many characters and looking back at one of them ask one question. When looking at Alex we need to ask what is up clothing. producer Tomoshi Sadamoto said it was to reflect the WWF which is now the WWE.I will you hear from his own words on Alex looks now and then during SF3.

“Alex – Street Fighter 3’s main protagonist. He also appears in 5. He combines various striking moves with powerful throwing moves.

Tomoshi Sadamoto: Street Fighter isn’t a mainly American franchise. We had Ryu from Japan as a main character before, and he fights with karate which is really popular here, so I thought that Pro Wrestling is really popular in America, and that’s how the image of Alex started.

Martial arts are hugely popular in America even today, more than in Japan even. That’s why I wanted an American to be our main character this time around, and asked Mr. Yasuda for a design.

At first, he looked like this sketch here. A former pro wrestler.

Street Fighter 3 Character Design Gallery - Alex Sketch image #1
Click images for larger versions

Looks like he’d be popular, right? We’ve already got a very popular former pro wrestler who’s a mayor.

So, when Mr. Yasuda brought these sketches over, I thought it was cool and we should go with it. It really reflected how popular the WWF was back then.

Capcom Representative: And that’s how … The main character became a grappler.

Tomoshi Sadamoto: Well, that was a tough part, but if we used Ryu as a base it wouldn’t feel very new, now would it? And Ryu was already confirmed to be in, too.

You’d want a main character to be plain. Even in Saint Seiya, he’s the plainest guy of them all, surrounded by the flashy guys like Cygnus Hyouga and Phoenix Ikki.”

sfv-23_alex01 sfv-23_alex02 sfv-23_alex03 sfv-23_alex04 sfv-23_alex05


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