Final Fantasy XV Phantom Swords/ Chocoobos/ Cars & More

Final Fantasy has a lot fans can look forward to. To make sure you know your options we are getting more details on the game. These details high light the Phantom Sword Noctis ability that will grow and gain power as you retrieve the royal arms scattered through out the land. We also look at linked commands as well as what the other members of the party can do during battle with Noctis as bac up. For those ho want fun we get to see Chocobos in many different colors as well as the monster Cactuars and for a nice surprise Tonberries. To see it all just check out the information below.

Phantom Swords

Weapons that only Noctis, as a member of the royal family, is able to use. It is powerful, but it consumes HP for every attack. In searching for the Phantom Swords, Noctis and company will aim for the king’s graves found all across the world.

—Phantom Swords are different from other weapons and have the Shift Break characteristic. This changes based on the type of Phantom Sword.


Final Fantasy XV

—By building up your gauge, you’ll be able to summon the Phantom Swords.


Final Fantasy XV

—After summoning the Phantom Swords, you can use Phantom Link…


Final Fantasy XV

…to trigger a cooperative technique with your party members.


Final Fantasy XV■ Chocobos

In Final Fantasy XV, you can customize the series’ familiar chocobo creatures and borrow their strength in battle.

—Customize your individual chocobos’ colors.


Final Fantasy XV—Run around on colorful chocobos.


Final Fantasy XV—At times, chocobos can even participate in battles. They’ll help out with a few of their techniques.


Final Fantasy XV■ Regalia Customization

You can customize your Regalia (car) by going to Cindy. By collecting ores that become colorants for color customization, your color variations will increase. And not only can you fully customize the stickers on your car, you can also decorate the vehicle at single points. Make your Regalia all your own.

—Put stickers on your car…


Final Fantasy XV…and even change its color.


Final Fantasy XV—Customize the wheel…


Final Fantasy XV…as well as the seat color.


Final Fantasy XV■ Ally Commands

Ally commands can be triggered at the indication of the players. Depending on the character, they’ll use a technique that highlights their individuality.

Gladios: “Cyclone”

After Gladio’s attack, if you press the button in accordance with the indicated timing, Noctis will perform an additional attack using Gladiolus’ weapon.

—Gladiolus throws his shield at the ground, unleashing a strong blow.


Final Fantasy XV—Then, Noctis performs an additional attack using Gladiolus’ weapon. Noctis performs a rotation attack, which is why it’s called “Cyclone.”


Final Fantasy XVIgnis: “Enhance”

A cooperative technique that deals even greater damage by making Noctis’ weapon the attribute of the enemy’s weakness.

—Ignis transmits the enemy’s weakness into Noctis’ weapon.


Final Fantasy XV—By attacking with the enemy weakness-enhanced weapon, Noctis can proceed the battle with a greater advantage.


Final Fantasy XVPrompto: “Conductor”

Prompto uses machinery to shoot a gravity ball with the power to pull in surrounding enemies.

—Prompto shoots a dark gravity ball while facing the enemies.


Final Fantasy XV—Surrounding enemies are then pulled towards the impacted area.


Final Fantasy XV■ Cactuars and Tonberries

Series familiar monsters will also appear.

The fast-moving Cactuars attack by firing needles. They appear in unexpected places and run away as fast as they suddenly appear.


Final Fantasy XVTonberries appear in the city. They attack using their traditional kitchen knives to deal a strong blow.


Final Fantasy XV■ Turning into a Toad


Final Fantasy XVA series familiar status ailment returns. If you’re attacked by Naga on the outskirts of the city, you may turn into a toad. Becoming a toad disables your ability to attack for a fixed period, but since you can move around and jump, you should try to defend yourself until you return to your original form


As always thank you for reading.


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