Street Fighter 3 Hard Times With Eleana

It seems Capcom was looking for someone like Eleana for sometime.  In early 90’s Capcom was looking into capoeira fighter from Africa long before the development of Street Fighter 3. But it was tough back then as information regarding it was a little hard to come by. We learn more about what went into Sf3 as more art work hits the internet. Tomoshi Sadamoto has once again looking back at the new generation.

“Elena – A capoeira user with a cute smile. She’s the only character who regain their health, with her “Healing” move.

Tomoshi Sadamoto: We decided her country of origin first.

We liked using a fighting style that originated in Africa, and then decided to go with a girl rather than a guy. When we started trying with guys at first, they ended up looking threatening and scary, and we already had plenty of charaters like that in the game.

In Africa, women have long arms and legs… Was our thought, and then Capoeira seemed like a natural fit. Anyway, the lack of materials we had to work with on her made it pretty rough.

Capcom Representative: Do you mean there wasn’t much Capoeira material for you to research?

Tomoshi Sadamoto: Nowadays, you can easily find videos for reference on the internet, but that wasn’t the case back then.

All we had to go on back then was a bunch of videos focused on international travel, called “Walks of the World” or something.

We didn’t even know if anything in it would be useful to us, but we went out on a limb and bought them.

Capcom Representative: Out on a limb… That sounds rough.

Tomoshi Sadamoto: Capoeira wasn’t as major back then as it is now. If they had a dojo for it or something, I’d have gone there to watch. But, even with all that, I said “We’re doing it anyway!”

Capcom Representative: So, she’s a character you put a lot of energy into.

Tomoshi Sadamoto: Well, at any rate, she was rough to make, haha. So, I guess energy went into her in that sense. ”

sfv-23_elena01 sfv-23_elena02 sfv-23_elena03


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