Final Fantasy XV The Digital Rout

Final Fantasy XV is coming out soon and many people are dying to get their preorder of the solid disc copy. In light of that we must not forget that this is a digital game as well. For those interested you will need 50 gbts of memory and more as one might expect when dealing with digital downloads of games today.

“The game will take a very sizable 50.698 gigabytes of your bandwidth, with 6.593 gigabytes required before you can play the beginning. This isn’t too far from the download size of the Xbox One version that was revealed a couple of weeks ago (50.94 gigabytes).

As usual, there can be a limited degree of variation between download sizes depending on region, but when Square Enix mentioned that they needed to add cutscenes  from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the Omen CGI trailer via the day one “Crown Update” patch, they were not joking, the game definitely fills up a Blu-ray disk.

Incidentally, the PlayStation Store mentions only a  40.5 Gigabyte download size on all regions, but that’s obviously inaccurate, as it often happens with pre-release indications”



As always thank you for reading.


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