Final Fantays XIV The Far Edge Of Fate

We have a new update for Final Fantasy XIV. The new update is called The Far Edge OF Fate.  Of course the update will come with new weapons, side quest and more. To make sure I don’t miss anything in telling you I will put down what the article did.

Together with Community Manager Toshio Murouchi, he also illustrated the first batch of content and features included in the update, sharing the first screenshots as a bonus.


The patch will include new side quests (for the Scholasticate series, Hildibrand and the Anima Weapon), two new dungeons (Baelsar’s Wall and Sohm Al Hard Mode), a new raid alliance dungeon (Dun Scaith) and two new trials (Containment Bay Z1T9 and its extreme version) against Zurvan.

A new feature will be added, requesting players to provide crafting and gathering items to certain NPCs to raise their satisfaction level, gaining access to new content. The first NPC will be a miqo’te named Zhloe Aliapoh.


Exploratory missions will be overhauled.


The party finder and raid finder will get a major update, including the ability to select between recruiting players only among those on your server or anyone in the same server cluster.

PvP will get a solid update as well, including the ability to enter frontlines without grand company requirements, new rules for dueling, a new map for The Feast, and more.

Chocobo companions will finally be overhauled, with changes that have been requested for ages, like the ability to use the duty finder with your buddy out. Chocobos will now be considered like summoner/scholar pets, so you can have parties of eight players and eight chocobos.

Summoner/scholar Egis will get the glamour option, to change their appearance, starting with Carbuncle.

The Novice Network will get some changes, and some and new perks will be introduced for players that haven’t logged in for 45 days.

Players will be able to preview dyes on the equipment screen, and new paintings will be implemented for housing, unlocked after visiting sightseeing spots.

New equipment was also showcased, including the armor sets that can be found in Dun Scaith, and a new set of glamour gear.

Part 1 of the update will be delivered in mid-January, while Part 2 will come in March. Details on part 2 will be provided during the Letter from the Producer Live broadcast from Tokyo Fanfest, which will hair on Christmas day, December 25th.



As always thank you for reading.


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