Final Fantasy VII Remake Three Way

We have news regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake talking about the story perspective again.  Kitase was talking with game informer and another site has mentioned how the game will be split up. The game is mentioned to be episodic with no mention of number except in this article where they said it will come in three episodes telling different side of the story.  Or as the article puts it different story with different perspectives.

Kitase also confirms that we will see the other characters such as Cid, Tiffia, Vincent and Aerith. The rumor that we will see them next week during PSX 2016 is still strong but we will have to see if it is true as we will with most of this information.  Right now the only thing we know that is solid is the game is in development. Everything else we have to see as it can be changed if it hasn’t already as Nomura has pointed out so lease take it with a grain of salt and continue.

Final-Fantasy-VII-remake-2016 final-fantasy-7-remake-length


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