One Piece Film Gold Earns Big 3days

One Piece Film Gold has been out for some time and it is doing well. For Japan and China the movie has been doing well.” 69,630,000 yuan (about US$10.1 million) at the Chinese box office in its first three days. The anime film opened in China on November 11. ” As for Japan it did 5.2 million yen or 46 million. For those who want perspective this is how it breaks down.

“The film is the second highest-earning film in the franchise. The 2012 film One Piece Film Z earned 6.87 billion yen (about US$64.64 million). Including the latest film, the franchise‘s 13 films have earned a total of 30 billion yen (US$292 million) since 2000″

Mind you Gold still has some time to go so we will see how it does towards the end as most of the time they take in the first week and saw that is how it did.

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