Street Fighter V Server Is are Biggest Downfall

Street Fighter V is the newest installment of the game and it has some fine point but also some downside. Ono recently sat down and admitted that one of them was online. Pacifically the online server as it has been down many times for maintenance. This point comes from the interview with Famitsu were Both Ono and Ayano.

Famitsu: So with the assurance that we have something to look forward to at PSX, let’s move over to current issues. The servers have been somewhat disappointing since launch. What can you tell me about that?

Ayano: We have understood that our servers are not up to snuff. Making large-scale improvements to them are part of our development road map, and we’re earnestly working on it. As soon as we’re prepared to talk officially about it, we plan to do it immediately.

Ono: We’re very sorry about the condition of the servers. Regarding them, I don’t think it’s going to be very long before we have something to announce.

Famitsu: That’s a relief.

Ono: We’ve listened to feedback regarding the battle design and updating content, so the servers have kind of become our Achilles’ heel. We have to do something about them.

Famitsu: Indeed, there”s been a lot of work put into the battle system, and lately you’ve put in the daily targets as well, where you can clear them to receive fight money, so it’s been improved in a lot of intricate ways.

Ono: Thank you. Speaking of, I haven’t seen you at many events lately, you haven’t been joining any tournament recently, have you?

Famitsu: I’ve been playing at locals, haha. The other day, there was a tournament where we gathered people from character-specific Line (Japanese messenger app) groups, and I was chosen as the representative for the Balrog group, haha.

Ono: That sounds fun. You should write about that, haha. Even if it’s a community-organized event, we could maybe make specific in-game titles for something like that.

Famitsu: I’ll write about it if we do it again then, haha. But specific in-game titles sound nice. So, how should regular people contact you about such events, if they’re running them?

Ayano: Unfortunately, we’ll have to close that option. I’m sorry, but for now, we’re going to have to reject any such requests from regular players, as part of company policy.

Famitsu: So, next, how do you feel about the PS VR that seems to be going out of stock everywhere?

Ono: Well, we aren’t going to react to it’s success before we can see what the contents of the VR technology will bring. I’ve said this before in interviews, but I think it might be fun to use VR to see Ryu and Ken fighting each other in front of you, as more of a spectator thing.

Famitsu: So how about the favorably received PlayStation 4 Pro?

Ono: We’re getting great work accomplished on the PlayStation 4 right now, so we see no need to rush. But, in the future we might find some good timing to make an update to it, or something like that.”



As always thank you for reading.


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