Hunter X Hunter Togashi Dead Line

We are now hearing a new rumor regarding Hunter X Hunter that Togashi is being forced to give up his right to the series so it can continue instead being on this list long pause. Now the article doesn’t mention by when as it is only a rumor but it seems to fall in line with the rumor line of thinking that the Shonen is getting tired of waiting for Togashi to get back in the chair and start working.

Of course we do not know if this is true. in regards to how Shonn feels about Togashi hiatus they have not been quoted in saying anything. The last thing they said was that the series will go on hiatus. Since then these rumors have been flying mostly saying that the series will continue but with someone new at the helm. As a new fan to the series through the anime I hope we get an answer to who will drive this series forward.

hxh-627e1d89ecbdbfd3f6a3735a256a4cb81478010816_full hxh-cvh0mb8vuaahjef


As always thank you ore reading.


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