Street Fighter V Akuma Sketches/ Oni Profile

Akuma is in Street Fighter V but the demon f the series has another version called Oni wo never got  profile. Now he does and it is like what you expected. No emotion and all powerful focusing on the dark hadou means this is one of the scariest fighters you can ever ross paths with.

If that is not enough for you we have concept art of Akuma showing him at on point looking like Necalli and one where he has a baby stripped to his back. A look that reminds me of the anime Street Fighter V II where Akuma made odd appearances. Check out the stuff below.


Basic Info:

Name: Kuruoshiki Oni
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Home Country: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

Private Nakagawa: A demon god who has lost and emotion and feeling in his body, and whose existence is entirely devoted to fighting and battle. Satsui no Hadō continuously flows from his body. He beats his opponents with violent techniques, such as Rakan Dantōjin [“Arhat-severing Tower Blade.”/”Demon Slash.” His half-circle-forward + kick special from USFIV.] or Sekisei Jiraiken! [“Red Star Landmine Fist.”/”Ground Pound.” His Dragon Punch + kick special from USFIV.] His physique has improved, and so has his strength.

In addition to this 213th Character Profile, the CFN Portal site has also released some new concept art for Akuma, showcasing how the Raging Demon’s new look slowly began to take shape in Street Fighter V, before he became the lion-esque, bearded beast we now have today. First some words from Director Takayuki Nakayama!

Director Nakayama: Although the Raging Demon has finally been released, his appearance has been redesigned. Here are some of the rough pictures drawn when we were introducing his new design.

Naked Upper Body ver.


Director Nakayama: His waist is a bit slim. The gi and wild beard are close to what we adopted.

South American Demon ver.


Director Nakayama: If you came back to South America and lived there for life, there is exactly such as guy, and it is a Mad Demon that cannot come out to appear.

Is it Hot or Cold? ver.


Director Nakayama: He was thrown away because his coat was gloomy. Since he was attacked by a bear when it became a little chilly, he defeated it and made it into a scarf.

I picked up a baby ver.


Director Nakayama: His V-Trigger rocks the baby to sleep. By doing so, you can demonstrate his original power. He never comes down from his back. A baby can appear as “a character brought up by a Mad Demon” in a few years. It’s a super delicious setting.

Almost Completed ver.


Director Nakayama: There is nothing, it is almost a finished version of the Raging Demon. Actually, it is almost what I drew up in a meeting for the first time. In other words, while keeping the designs of past works as well, I tried and tried to make a new Demon. The baby’s topic is fine. The development members were also hit by the loveliness of Ako. Please look forward to next time.


As always thank you for reading.

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