Dragon Ball Super Goku Went To FAR

I watched Dragon Ball Super episode 78 and I liked how the second half got us started for the tournament but at the same time I didn’t like the first half. Mainly because how Goku took this tournament of destroying universes. Goku sees at as no thing and strikes a cord with me as something is wrong. Goku didn’t like it when Cell tournament put people lives on the line. So why is not trouble by this more than what he was bothers me.

I get Goku is happy go lucky and is ready for a good fight that will push him to his limits. Yet this feels as though it is a stretch. If not a problem between child like innocence and straight out ignorant destruction. This blur has fans troubled which I hope can be cured by the end of all the great fights by either Beerus slapping Goku a few times or someone leaving him in a room with Chichi so she can lay down the law. What do you guys think though? Does Goku let it rock attitude bother you or is it just another layer to the character we should  have seen coming let me know.



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16 Responses to Dragon Ball Super Goku Went To FAR

  1. Rishi says:

    I think that somewhere in his heart, Goku thinks that he can still convince the King-of-all (Zeno) to spare the losing universes because they are friends or, maybe Goku believes that the tournament will be so entertaining that Zeno himself will forget about the whole universe destroying thing.

    Maybe, Goku believes that he can win and bring back all the universes with the Super Dragon Balls. It is mentioned in the episode that the Super Dragon Balls have been collected again and, will be presented to the best fighter. I think these are two possibilities as to why Goku hasn’t panicked yet and anyway, these are what I think are possibilities.

    I thought the episode was fine otherwise…. Nice post. Keep it up 🙂

    • jcphotog says:

      Thanks for the comment. I see many believe that Goku think he ca undo thing with the super dragon balls. Which does make sense but still it was odd if no just wrong to see him just shrug it off. Looking back it might be because they are making him more like Fairy Tail Natsu or One Piece Luffy. They do their thing and the rest of the cast handles the fall out or express concerns.

      • Rishi says:

        You’re welcome. You’re right, but lately, Dragon Ball Super has been trying to make Goku look smarter. Like how he figured out that Zamasu would use the Super Dragon Balls and how he figured out how to beat those guys in the forest with Krillin? Also, if you remember how calm and cool Goku was before the Cell Games, he is kind of like that now. But if he does end up using the Super Dragon Balls, they made it pretty obvious, don’t you think? Follow me back? 😉

      • jcphotog says:

        He might but I think the main thing is that it is not weighing on him that much. That moment alone is the issue as I am liking how DBS is taking the style that most Shonen titles have. As far as how smart he is. I think it is the same as Future trunks arc showed us like you said it is just it bother me. All in all I am looking forward to the arc to see what is new for the fighters or as the old gag gathers for the tournament.

  2. Rishi says:

    I reckon he’ll get all worried about it after the first universe that loses gets destroyed. Or maybe he’ll realize that the Super Dragon Balls are not capable of restoring 11 universes in one go. This is probably when the magnitude of his actions will hit him.

  3. michael69101 says:

    I think Goku has something up his sleeve, or hoping everything will go fine after the tournament is over, I was hoping for something from Goku will say from episode 81, but it wasn’t the case but as usual Goku wants a good fight, no matter on the outcome.

  4. jcphotog says:

    I see that and that might be the problem. DBS is now following the line of Shonen characters where they like a good fight and most of the time the rest of the cast deals with the issues. For instance Luffy does what he wants the rest of the crew has to deal with what happens. Natsu does something everyone gets caught up in the fight with everyone else understanding what will happen because of it than him. Lets be honest Goku of old didn’t like be called a villain and he sure didn’t like it when Future Trunks thought he was one.

  5. I think Dragon Ball Super has a lot of troubles here. All made by Goku. The God of Destruction to friend, Zeno-sama to Zen-chan,… I don’t know how crazy is he. The contest of 8 universes will fight. You all know that if they lose, they will be destroy. There is no way to cheat, even Zeno is Goku’s friend now. Rules is rules, cannot contravene. I am not worry like you guys, I just worry if Goku is defeated by one warrior of the other universe, what will DBS like?

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