Final Fantasy XV True Open World Means More Development

Final Fantasy XV is doing well yes but it isn’t in typical style fans of the series are used to. A perfect example would be how the open world is cut off to a more linear path towards the end. Well a reason for this is to save on development.

A new article has come out where Hajime talks about the thinking behind they way the story progress and your space becomes limited.  This was meant to do so as more space meant more coast and thus longer development. Something fans didn’t want to hear about. Hajime talks about that as well as why we have to wait for DLC to look into his party stories.

““It was for the players to experience the story through Noctis’ eyes.The world and the events that Noctis sees are merely things that are seen through his eyes. We didn’t want to create a comprehensive and perfectly balanced story in this game. Instead, we placed importance on the main characters and for the player and Noctis to share the same experience when we tell the story. It’s not that we decreased the role of the side characters.Focusing on many characters in the game means that the allocation given to the main characters will decrease. Instead of creating a comprehensive and perfectly balanced story, we placed greater importance on the four main characters and strived to depict a world seen from their perspective.

Based on calculations that the development time and cost would double if the latter half of the game was to be an open-world environment as well, we had already planned to make the latter half more of a journey by vehicle. The structure of this title – to create memories while traveling in the open-world environment during the first half of the game, then have the story move forward linearly using the train in the latter half of the game – was designed and intended to be that way.”

ffxv_tgs_22 ffxv-mz-mobile-mmo-ann


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