Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction & Ep 80

We have more stuff for Dragon Ball Super. We get a closer look at Hele the god of destruction for universe 2 and Toppo a warrior from universe 11. Not only that be we get a preview for episode 80 which has Gohan fighting the eldest wolf brother I would like to call them of universe 9. His blinded and left with a tough battle. Gohan has been on the side lines for a while so fans of his from way back will see this as a chance to see how he handles this.  The page shows images saying that is tow of three scoops. The third is showing character such as female Brolly and the two others who are seen in the opening fighting Goku and Vegeta. They are not mentioned in the article though


Universe 2 God of Destruction: Heles

Heles is the the God of Destruction for Universe 2. She’s extraordinarily beauty-conscious and doesn’t do well with anything ugly.

Universe 11 Warrior: Toppo

Toppo is the leader of the hero team “Pride Troopers” guardians of peace in Universe 11. A hot-blooded and gigantic warrior of justice. He’s so strong that he’s even been scouted as a candidate for the next God of Destruction.

Also, take a look at the preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 80, which airs Sunday, February 26 in Japan (February 25 for US streaming).

Gohan is blinded! His battle against the Venomous Lavenda begins!! Universe 7 is pumped after their victory in the first round! Moving on to the second round, Gohan is up against the Universe 9 warrior Lavenda. Blinded by Lavenda’s poison, Gohan cannot read Lavenda’s ki and seems to be in for a tough fight!!
Round 2 of the Omni-Present Match!! Who’s the opponent Gohan is challenging?! The second-oldest brother in Trio the Dangers, he’s also known as “Venomous Lavenda”. Gohan heads into battle as the contestant for Universe 7! After getting into a tight spot, what is his counterattack?!
Goku This Week: Unperturbed by his son’s pinch!
Gohan throws himself into battle for the first time in a long while. Goku observes his son’s battle! Goku declares Gohan’s pinch to instead be an opportunity…?!” reads the Jump preview.


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