Koei Tecmo NiOh Expands Audience

In a recent statement Koei Tecmo is showing happy it is with NiOh. The new action title expands  Team Ninja audience while teaching them valuable lessons. Here is Koinuma giving the statement.

“We are very happy with the global success of Nioh. This game has been long in development and has been created with all the creative force of our company behind it. The positive reviews and strong performance has truly been a wonderful validation of our efforts so far, as has the overwhelming reception from the players themselves.

“With the invaluable help of Sony Interactive Entertainment, we released two early demos, Alpha and Beta, and we were able to give players all over the world a teaser of what we were planning for them while simultaneously being open to their feedback.

As a result we believe we were able to adapt to their expectations and reach out to a brand new audience that hadn’t played our games in the past. In that, Nioh has taught us a lot of valuable lessons and has definitely helped open up an entirely new audience for us.

Nioh’s success, as well as the recent western success of titles like Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom and Dead or Alive, is proof that if we follow the right approach and listen to the needs of the players they will embrace our titles and help our company grow further.”

Funny how they mention other titles. With Nioh out of the way fans are quick to say not that is done to give us a new Dead Or Alive (enough with the dlc already) and Ninja Gaiden (taking what they learned with what works from razor edge.) Before we heard that the team thinks the series needs to rest for a while but I think they need to take something else in.

They can alternate between series instead of putting one out every year. This is what they were doing before. Now with NiOh success and other titles they are working on they can switch between them so they are fresh. Also fans are getting tired of waiting in a sense. It is nice DOA 5LR is getting DLCs but at the same time fans are getting fatigued by it and are asking for a new one.

Ninja Gaiden falls into the same category. Fans may like seeing these character appear in Musou  or the action similar in NiOh so they will try out but that doesn’t mean it is a good substitute. Fans will still wan the game they are asking for and for some the time to see them is now. But what about you. With NiOh success should Team Ninja just work on the next one or should they return to DOA or NG for a new installment? Let me know.

nioh-20161203_140529 ninja-gaiden-3-razors-edge_new-10 doa-5-20170214_035906_thumb


As always thank you for reading.

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