Street Fighter V Cannon or Non Cannon Profiles

If you think Capcom was done with its profiles then you were wrong as the Street Fighter V profiles continue. Now we are looking into movies and non cannon. Cody brother and Dan sister are introduced but before you can ask when do we see them they are non cannon. If you are wondering where they came from let me explain.

Codey brother is from Final Fight Revenge in order to save him. Kyle finds out Code ben kidnapped and begins to fight in the underground circuit to get him back. Dan sister Yuriko appeared in his ending for Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter. Which only leaves Captain Sawada.

A character from the live action Street Fighter movie Sawada would be seen in the game and cartoon series. A pain to Guile the two would but heads often. Sawada used his sword as his weapon and was only seen for those instances as I mentioned before. Which is why in the profile they have him as a new fighter.

Private Nakagawa: A young man living in Metro City. He’s cool and serious. He has an older brother with particular issues, you say?”

Kyle Travers Street Fighter V

Basic Info:

Name: Kyle
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: Unknown
Home Country: USA
Likes: Beer, Motorbike, His Girlfriend
Dislikes: Police

Private Nakagawa: “A young man with military experience, who spends his nights in and out of underground fighting clubs. He’s currently training in a gym and lives on the money he gains by knocking out his opponents with his quick punches. A rookie with great potential, who might have yet to show his true strength. It seems he likes billiards.”

Next, we head back to 1997’s Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, to meet a character who only appears in Dan’s ending: his younger sister, Yuriko Hibiki!

Private Nakagawa: “This time we’ll speak about a very real, reasonably rare, character. She is Dan Hibiki’s sister (in a parallel setting). A good-natured girl that worries about her carefree brother while continuing to attend school. She’s a softball pitcher, apparently.

Yuriko Hibiki Street Fighter V

Basic Info:

Name: Yuriko Hibiki [Her first name (“Lily”) is a direct reference to AoF’s/KoF’s Yuri…]
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: December 7th
Home Country: Japan
Likes: Cakes, Her Brother
Dislikes: Cyber-Akuma, Wakame

Private Nakagawa: “She is a constantly curious girl. She is secretly following her older brother, who travels the world bragging about his Saikyō-ryū, without him noticing. (apparently, neither Dan, nor the player, nor the developers ever noticed) Yuriko has no interest in fighting at all, and wishes her brother would settle down soon. She sees through her brother’s business ability and wants someday to work with him for a mail order website, or something like that. (It’s a parallel setting…)”

Dan Alternate Attire

During Dan’s MSHvSF Ending, he stands over a beaten Cyber-Akuma, looking to avenge his past humiliations and make clear that he is the world’s strongest! He is then stopped by a crying Yuriko who appears to begin telling Dan that Akuma is their father, but the screen fades to black before she can finish her statement. Longtime fighting game fans will note that this ending is a parody of Ryo Sakazaki’s ending in SNK’s Art o Fighting, where his sister Yuri stops he and Robert Garcia from killing Mr. Karate, as she reveals that under the mask is their father, Takuma. Being that Dan was created as a parody of SNK’s characters at the time, it only makes sense for his sister to be a non-fighting version of Yuri, which makes this joke all the more humorous. You can see both endings below, so that you can fully understand the reference being made!

Private Nakagawa: “The blue shirt makes his muscles shine! The miraculous new fighter who uses Sawada-ryū kenkajutsu [“Sawada-style brawling techniques”] and a wee bit of ninjutsu. A man with a strong sense of justice, and straighter than a ruler!”

Captain Sawada Street Fighter V

Basic Info:

Name: Captain Sawada
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: January 28th
Home Country: Japan
Likes: Horse Riding, Training
Dislikes: Excuses [All his stats come from the real actor Ken’ya Sawada’s own stats. Yes, even his blood type and the fact he dislikes excuses.]

Private Nakagawa: “He willingly took part in operations for the destruction of Shadaloo. Currently, he’s traveling around the world for reasons of duty. With his passionate heart and a well-trained body, he beats his opponents using personal techniques. His “Gokusatsu Jibakujin” [“Fierce self-destruction prison killing.” His :hcb: + P. The move serves as an overhead attack to stop jump-ins, with the EX version also reflecting projectiles, but his animation depicts him committing Harakiri by slicing his abdomen with his katana and weaponizing the arc of blood that sprays around him.] is a sight to behold, but you must not imitate it. He has a strong resistance to cold.”


As always thank you for reading.


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