Final Fantasy VII Remake What They Should Put In

Max of YO Videogames decided to put up a video talking about Final Fantasy VII Remake. As he talks he brings up that Final Fantasy VII Remake is not only moving forward as I have mentioned a few times in multiple post but also that it should learn from the game that came before.

This is how Max breaks it down. FF XI A Realm Reborn is seen in the new screenshots were we see the ground is highlighted when the Guard Scorpion is ready to attack. Fans of old may know this is when you are not supposed to attack it.

XV is where we should see team work. Team attacks have been seen in many game but FF isn’t one of those. Since you are in a party it is only expected that you join your attacks together. The way the limit break bar is set up in three sections and not just one shows that they may have something more planned then charging up for one big attack.

But not all things should be taken from this game. As he points out no one liked it when you can only can control one character. Switching as we saw in the gameplay trailer between characters is something fans want. For on thing he said Nomura was going to show a trailer but was told not to at MAGIC where we got the images. Please check it out.

That is only one thing he touches on. Max mentions a lot of  things if you want to see it check it out below.

final-fantasy-vii-remake_2017_02-18-17_001 final-fantasy-vii-remake_2017_02-18-17_002

As always thank you for reading.


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