Final Fantasy XV New Game Mode & World Of Versus

4chan has posted new info in regards of Final Fantasy XV. The new info talks about future DLC with regards to New Game mode mostly a new dungeon in Somnus and World of Versus DLC.

New Game Mode as mentioned in the rumor introduces more cut scenes. These cut scenes will be expanded with each new DLC episode we receive. Starting with Ravus and Niflheim then to Noctis and Luna then ending with Cor and Regis. So far that is what is mentioned with new game mode as other content changes are not mentioned.

The World Of Versus update is said to be darker as in this update Noctis fight new dameons during his ten year slumber. Talk of expanding on lose and tragedy are mentioned with E3 2017 being the point where they explain the rest. SO yes it has been turned in to a dream.
– Additional cutscenes with Ravus and Niflheim to be added into New Game mode in addition to EPISODE PROMPTO content.

– Additional cutscenes with Noctis and Luna to be added into New Game mode.

– Additional cutscenes with Cor Leonis and Regis to be added into New Game mode in addition to EPISODE GLADIOLUS content.

– PLATINUM DEMO to be added to main game as bonus mode.

– EPISODE IGNIS to be released Q4 2017.

– Unannounced expansion, “WORLD OF VERSUS” to be unveiled at E3 2017 (release Q1 2018.) Expect this to be of a much darker tone than the base game. Covers “The demons Noctis faces during his 10 year slumber.” This is the “VERSUS” world, the world of dreams that Noctis can enter in his slumber. Themes of loss and tragedy will be developed and expanded upon.

No further updates at this time.”



As always thank you for reading.

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