One Piece New Marin Arc

One Piece is getting an anime exclusive arc. Marin Arc puts the straw hates against the Marins. We have for this arc three brothers and an Admril who is Garp friend. Garp being Luffy Grandfather.

The story has Sanji being captured on Whole Cake island after trying to get food. A result of Luffy eating it all. While rescuing the cook and resupplying the group runs into three rookie marines who used to be members of Aokiji unit.How will this go for the straw hates? Lets see together shall we.

The cast for the new characters in the arc include: (Note: character name spellings aren’t official.)

Natsuki Hanae as Grant, who has a strong sense of justice and who looks up to Aokiji. He is a devil fruit user.


Hiroki Yasumoto as Bonam, a member of the Longarm Tribe. Among the three soldiers, he acts as the older brother figure.


Makoto Furukawa as Sappa, a dual-sword wielder. He has a fear of strangers, but he loves women so much he is very outgoing toward them. He completely changes once he’s drawn his sword.


Youhei Tadano as Vice-Admiral Prodi, who seems to be an old friend of Garp. He runs the marine base on the island Fron. He is a drunkard and a glutton, and he’s irresponsible, but he’s an old man with a good heart. He fights using artillery.


As always thank you for reading.


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