Final Fantasy VII Remake Essene

Final Fantasy VII Remake was mentioned by Nomura was MAGIC 2017. During the small interview Nomura mentioned retaining the essence of the original. As we have seen with images and past gameplay trailer their are going to be changes as the game is brought to life in modern gaming.

While most gamers try to understand that statement took their swing at it. From what they gather the game story will remain untouched for majority of it. Major gameplay such as limit breaks, summons and spells will remain the same but all will most likely have a new look to them.  With those marked down the website sounds like it believes nothing will be taken away but added. Will that be the case is something we will have to look out for as we wait and see when Nomura will drop more info for us.

ffvii ff7-remake-nomura-comments_01-10-17 ffviir-00139zoqa


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