Final Fantasy VII Remake Nomura Clear On Battle.

Nomura spoke at MAGIC 2017 talking about both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. Speaking of FFVIIR Nomura discussed the battle system stating it will be action based while releasing new screenshots to show Cloud sneaking through Shinra and facing the Guard Scorpion with Barret.

In a new statement to Famitsu Nomura makes sure it is clear that the game will be action based not command base. He confirms the map is destructible and the  will have ne attacks as well as his old ones. Cloud can come in and out of cover seamlessly in certain areas. Nomura end the statement saying it is a flashy battle.

“Small bit of FF7 remake related interview on this week’s famitsu

-Seems there was some mistranslation in Magic interview, Nomura reiterates that remake’s combat system will be based on action system, not command based.
-the screenshot showed Cloud in cover, but it’s to show that there are certain areas on the map where Cloud can interact seamlessly, and the cover is something completely optional.
-the guard scorpion battle has map destruction, and some brand new attacks by the scorpion boss. It will be pretty flashy battle.







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