Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 For Modern Consoles & Comic

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is getting release for current gen consoles in hard copy form. The game release comes with a comic book written and drawn by Marvels own. Today Evenhub.com posted the interview they had as well as a piece of the comic as we get to see the cover.

Capcom: Please introduce yourself and give us a little background on what you do for Marvel.

Sean Chen: I’m a veteran comic book artist with about 20 years in the industry. Mostly known for a long run on the Iron Man comic, but have also done stints on Wolverine, X-Men, Spider-Man, The Avengers, among others.

These days I split my time between comic and advertising. In comics, I do mostly covers and special projects for different publishers. In the advertising industry, I mostly do storyboards for television commercials.

Gerardo Sandoval: My name is Gerardo Sandoval. I have worked on titles such as: Age of Apocalypse, X-Men, Guardians 3000, New Avengers, Wolverine and Venom

Capcom: Who is your favorite character to draw from both the Marvel and Capcom universes and why?

Sean Chen: I always love drawing Iron Man since I am very tech oriented. A big part of the fun of drawing comics is to engage a variety of character types, and this book had them all. A great counterpoint to the hard edges of Iron Man was the organic and feminine forms of Storm and Morrigan.

It was also great fun to draw the anime and cartoon characters as Zero and Viewtiful Joe. I would have to say that Morrigan was the most fun to draw from the Capcom side because she had a unique offbeat design. In terms of personality, Viewtiful Joe was great fun to portray because of his big, in your face attitude.

Gerardo Sandoval: Venom, Wolverine, Sagat or Zangief. For some reason, I am not into the good guys, I always liked the bad guys. Not Luke Skywalker but Darth Vader, not Spider-man but Venom, not Ryu but Sagat. Villains, or anti-heroes, are more interesting characters for me so I really enjoy drawing bad guys. Also, when I was a gamer, I always played as a villain. ”


As always thank you for reading.


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