Final Fantasy VII Remake Magic, Matiera, Skills

In the most recent translation of Nomura interview on Final Fantasy VII Remake. Tetsuya comments on magi being separate from matiera. Those who have played the original game know matieria gave you everything including skills. With them being a part this makes one wonder how they will be cut.

Magic is no longer connected to matiera might suggest that we have a new system for it. Just like that battle system this might have been redone and with so little information it is hard to imagine. It also makes you wonder how the leveling system will work.

The skills aren’t that hard to see as we have seen them used differently in the old game. The old way has you equipping the materia with the skill and then getting the command to use it. With the magic being separate from it that means the only problem here is are the old skills all their is or are we looking at new ones as well. Remember Nomura wants this to be a Remake in all sense of the name.

In truth this battle system has me hyped and itching to see what is next. Let me know what you think below.

As always thank you for reading.


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