Final Fantasy XV DLC Leak True

With Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Gladio we are getting not only a new story featuring the king shield but update to the main cannon through story and gameplay. This has been talked about a lot but I have now wondered if it confirms they are trying to bring the leaked DLC to life.

The leak talked about more content will be added not just in adventures of Noctis companions but also add content for the main cannon as well as more back story for character such as Ravus. They also talked about expanding on the Ring which will also happen. I Grant you this might not be the case as we still have to see what the other DLC episodes will offer but it is something to keep in mind.

The two links below touches on the information I am talking about so for reference take a look at them. But what do you think dead on or too soon to tell let me know .



As always thank you for reading.


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