The King Of Fighters XIV Yamazaki The Expierment of The Oriochi

Today we got the trailer for the next DLC character for The King Of Fighters XIV aka Yamazaki. Yamazaki wasn’t mentioned in XIII so I think it best to give you what I know. Their will be wholes in this as I know some what about him and SNK story telling is not always clear so please if I miss anything let me know.

Yamazki is a gangster from Hong Kong is originally a Fatal Fury character. Hot tempered and a bit crazy (as you can see in the trailer.) He has been in KOF after Fatal Fury he did appear in KOF a few times along side Billy for the most part as he was doin a job for Geese. In the KOF story line he is a member of the Oriochi family with the Mountain element.  Also this reflect in his behavior as he has moments when he just looses it. In 97 he did just attacking both Geese and Billy. This is for KOF no word if he is still one in the Fatal Fury time line. As it is like Marvel similar but there are difference between titles.

Fighting wise Yamazaki fights with rang whipping people from afar with his one arm the same way Luong does. This is why they are compared so much. He also fights with a knife he keeps on him often in his pocket with his concealed hand. He has counters for not just physical attacks but projectiles as well. He also uses a dark energy for some moves. You see this in the trailer where deflects projectiles and his climax for the twister he hits Billy with. All this makes him mid boss material and one of the problematic fights I have in SNK fighting history.

In the trailer we see he has kept most of this except for his knife. But sides that all fans are excited to see him. Even though they admit they had no doubt he was in. A date hasn’t been announced yet but if that changes I will you know. Again if I had missed something let me know.

As always thank you for reading.


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