Nomura No Date On Kingdom hearts 3

Nomura sat down with Famitsu Magazine along with Masahiro Sakurai. They talk about Kingdom Hearts and how it has come along. The thing is during this and a few character polls Nomura announced he has no date for KH3. This is odd as we get another time when a date is hard to say as many people are hoping for news on KH3. It is becoming a sad joke as we wait to hear what is next.

Many think it will be E3 along with its other long awaited Square Enix game Final Fantasy VII Remake. (Granted we have been waiting for KH3 longer as it was an official game announced as FFVIIR was only announced in the past few years but you get the idea.) Again this is something we can only hope is on the money. As we hope I will post the poll results from Famitsu.

  1. Sora (284 votes)
  2. Roxas (210 votes)
  3. Axel (188 votes)
  4. Riku (98 votes)
  5. Terra (38 votes)
  6. Ventus (32 votes)
  7. Vanitas (14 votes)
  8. Demix (10 votes)
  9. Zexion (7 votes)
  10. Xemnas (7 votes)
  11. Mickey Mouse (7 votes)
  12. Cloud (7 votes)

Favorite female characters

  1. Aqua (397 votes)
  2. Xion (208 votes)
  3. Kairi (182 votes)
  4. Naminé (112 votes)
  5. Laxerne (10 votes)
  6. Olette (6 votes)
  7. Tifa (6 votes)
  8. Maleficent (3 votes)

They also got to vote which new Final Fantasy characters they would like to see appear in Kingdom Hearts 3:

  1. FFXV protagonist, Noctis (236 votes)
  2. FFXIII protagonist, Lightning (201 votes)
  3. FFIX protagonist, Zidane (81 votes)
  4. Chocobos (30 votes)
  5. FFV protagonist, Bartz (22 votes)


As always thank you for reading.


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