Resident Evil Vendetta Villain bio

We have bios for Resident Evil Vendetta villains. Now we have some idea about the big villain Glenn Arias as the new head of neo umbrella. But what else is their? Well for starters brawns and beauty as the other two who make appearance in the trailer get some light shed on them.

Glenn Arias, a weapons dealer knows as the “Merchant of Death.” He is an internationally wanted criminal who is plotting to use a new virus for bioterrorism. He founded Agua Company, which is involved in but not limited to drinking water production.

Maria, a beautiful woman who works for Arias. After undergoing body modifications, her human emotions are diminished. She only shows her emotions to Diego.

Diego, Arias’ bodyguard whose face was disfigured after body modifications. He always wears a special mask to hide his face.


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