Type Moon Tsukihime Remake Collaboration

I found something that shows a 4Gamer interview with Kiniko Nasu the incharge of many things at Type Moon. This includes Fate/Grand Order and Tsukihime Remake. The interview focuses mostly on Fate/Grand Order how the company sees utilizing smartphones but it dose mention Tsukihime Remake. The funny thing is that it does in collaboration. With who or what isn’t mentioned in the interview. The good news for those interested to see Tsukihime return Nasu mentions they want to bring it out while Fate/ Grand Order is still going strong.  Which is good as the game keeps expanding it is hard to see it ending for those who have become big fans of it or are looking forward to playing it as it did get announced as coming to the states. Take a look at the fan translated interview.

We appreciate the foreign playerbase.” no mention of localizations but he’s at least aware of it.

  • MHX got the [Star] attribute cuz she’s an alien.
  • Basically [Bryn loves] anyone who is “a person of justice in Bryn’s perspective”. RIP Tony Stark
  • How the Demon Pillar Massacre was thought to have gone on the dev side was with players working together to defeat the ones that had the most impact in strengthening the others moving forth in that order. Which is why they told us that the demon pillers were buffing each other.
    But then everyone just gangbanged Barbatos
    Nasu exclaims “This is definitely an evil of humanity”
  • Also in october, Nasu alone wrote 1311 pages for projects that were not GO.
  • Nasu’s first impression of launch GO “A crumbling race track that had been neglected for 10 years. There might be roads, but there are weeds and the coatings and asphalt are coming off. It was in terrible condition. The only reason why players were willingly to drive on it was because they had a certain amount of trust saved up for something with the name of Fate.”
  • Moon Viewing [that’s dango] supposedly had a one day deadline.
    At that time Nasu had no idea about annoucements and dev times. So when he asked for a Moon Viewing event that had a scenario. DW was like “err the scenario needs to be in tomorrow”
    There were not writers available at the time so Nasu had to write it himself.
    That was also the turning point for Nasu where he felt like he needed to reward players for staying that long with GO.
    That’s why made himself write it in one day.
  • Nasu Kinoko: “But it’s my dream to make sure that there’s a “Tsukihime R” collab while FGO is still running. For the sake of that, I think taking responsibility and making FGO into a good game and continuing to work hard on the company’s in-house work “Tsukihime R” is the duty assigned to me and TYPE-MOON. After all, I also want to see “SSR Arcueid Brunestud”!“
  • one thing I forgot to mention that they mention is that on average you can get 6 Servants to 10/10/10 a year. That’s how they designed it.
    this is not including free quests.
    and this is deliberate. Nasu didn’t want a game where you can easily max everyone. You have to choose who you want to max based on who you love or whatever.
  • So they talk how GO was created here.
    It was meant to be a PVP PC net game.
    And it is that very PVP itself that would create evil stuff.
    However, Nasu came to realize the necessity of a smartphone and how in the modern era how closely linked the smartphone is with life. Therefore, he wanted to make a game that was brighter and optimistic.
    Then after having written Extra which is set in a spiritron world, he wanted to tackle history. And that’s how 7 grails and 7 eras was born.
    With the title of Grand Order, he decided to pull out the Beasts [from his old setting notes], and then if you pull out the Beasts you need to talk about the end of the AOG apparently and if you want to talk about the end of the AOG you need Solomon.
    Therefore the core of the story became the relationship between Solomon and Roman.
  • How the Servants were made:
    So after the Servants that were to appear were decided on. They spent 4 months doing research on all of them. Especially towards the end of 2015, Higashide and Sakurai were buried in books.
    They didn’t want to have a SINO so everyone worked really hard to be proud of what they made.
    Because there was time before launch they made 100 Servants.
    After launch, with 3 writers each makes one Servant a month.
  • Takeuchi is also why Ushi is a girl, because according to him the ratio of guys to girls was bad.
    Apparently he’s the one that orders the genderswaps. Then the writers have to figure out how to get it to work. (For those wondering how he can do that, he’s the CEO of TM, the art director and the lead character designer)
  • Takeuchi still making new Arthuria. Nobody ask him. It’s just Takeuchi appear with the new Arthuria design for the game.
  • Fou’s first dialogue in the game is actually a big spoiler if you know what is he talking about.
  • From chapter 6, TM start to demands a lot from DW to change FGO from a normal mobage into a JRPG, like the increasing amount of text, new gimmicks for the battle, CG, etc which really exhaust DW staff.
  • Ozzy’s pyramid CG in chapter 6 is drawn by Koyama.
  • For Nasu, part 1.5 is more like an anthology book where he leave each writers to write one chapter and he just supervise it like a manga editor. There is a chapter with only male on it (I think this is Shinjuku but then there’s double alter) and there’s also a chapter with only girls on it.
  • Nasu considers TM having 100,000 “core” fans.
  • He thinks that people who got into Fate with 2004 FSN make up less than 20% of the current fanbase.
  • The nuance behind the title epic of remnant is the resurrected dead and myths from impossible taboos and hints for part 2, many things will completely change and you might think to yourself “part 1 was pretty peaceful” they hope to start part 2 in 2017
  • The who wrote what epic of remnant singularity is private.             However nasu says, you should be able to guess immediately.
  • When the story they’re going to tell for the VR thing was finished, Takeuchi’s didn’t really have VR on his radar but Nasu just bought an Occulus and was like “lets do this for VR.”
  • EoR was originally going to be called Blues of the Survivor
  • Nasu is still working on Tsukihime R and is hoping for a Tsukihime R collab
  • There’s going to be an EoR chapter that’s all girls, and one that’s all guys                                                                                                            Thanks to You(username) and fgog anon!


As always thank you for reading.


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