Dragon Quest XI King Court

Today we learn more about Dragon Quest XI. This time we are look at the villains. Something new as we have the King and his best warriors after the hero. Strange as they are not described as evil. Lets see what with these guys shall we.

King Delkadal

33246977184_7cd34972f7_oRuler of Delkadal. In addition to being known as the wisest king of Rotozetasia, he’s a master swordsman, having all the qualities needed for a King, thus giving him the nickname of the “Uncommon King.” He’s known for being a lenient man, but when order is disturbed, he takes strict measures.

33246976624_8573e2b696_oKnown as a wise man, he’s actually quite aware of the protagonist.

33277693593_a3ba3d9fd6_oKing Delkadal’s ability in swordsmanship demonstrated against a monster.





33246976864_b1255061f6_oGreig is the brave one-man-army general of Delkdal. He’s unparalleled in the kingdom when it comes to swordsmanship, and he has yet to lose a fight despite fighting hundreds of monsters up until now. His loyalty is second to none, and wouldn’t think twice to throw away his life if it’s needed to shield the lord.

33246976274_fa429953a1_oIf you’re wondering just how much of a hero Greig is, there’s even a certain town that has a big status in his honor.

34089095965_6afdcf8fe8_oGreig is extremely loyal to his lord, and prioritizes his orders above all.




33246976744_0c410d40da_o Delkadal’s cold-hearted strategist, whose tactics are known throughout all across Delkadal. He’s known for his many achievements, such as the time he took down a huge army of monsters with a tiny force. He’s a man who uses quick wits and precise judgment according to his situations in order to ensure victory.

33246976084_4be579f602_oUsing his superior strategies, Homeros is able to corner down enemies with his precise commands to the unit.

34089095655_83bbb50e46_oHe’s also capable of performing powerful magic in battle to go with his excellent strategies.


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