Dragon Quest XI Skill Panel

A new issue of Famitsu came out and with it comes some information on Dragon Quest XI. The article mention skill panel which you can buy skills using skill points for your party. The article mentions the first set for all characters something you can expand on as you progress and earn more points.

  • Protagonist: “Giga Slash” – Mow down the enemy using a lightning blade in a skill exclusive to a hero.
  • Camus: “Steal” – Get items from monsters.
  • Veronica: “Magical Awakening” – Increases the power of spells.
  • Senya: “Melody of Fire” – Puts on a flame of protection.
  • Silvia: “Flute of Fascination” – Charms monsters with the sound of a flute.
  • Martina: “Vacuum Kick” – Hits the enemy with a powerful kick.
  • Row: “Aesthetic Enlightenment” – Attains enlightenment and increases spell effects.


As always thank you for reading.


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