Attack On Titan Season 2 Funimation Returning Cast

Attack On Titan season 2 has fans hyped as they get to retuning to the giant killing series. Well Funimation once again got the rights and they are more than happy to show you who is returning and who is not. Since I am not a fan of the series I can’t add anything smart but I do notice a smaller list for season 2. I guess they are still talking to people.

Season 1
Eren Bryce Papenbrook
Armin Josh Grelle
Mikasa Trina Nishimura
Levi Matthew Mercer
Sasha Ashly Burch
Conny Clifford Chapin
Christa Bryn Apprill
Erwin J Michael Tatum
Hange Jessica Calvello
Miche Jason Douglas
Moblit Jerry Jewell
Ymir Elizabeth Maxwell
Hannes David Wald
Reiner Robert McCollum
Bertholdt David Matranga
Jean Mike McFarland
Nanaba Lydia Mackay
Nick Francis Henry
Pyxis R Bruce Elliott
Carla Jessica Cavanagh
Marlo Todd Haberkorn
Hitch Brittney Karbowski
Season 2
Episode 26
Gelgar Jason Charles Miller
Lynne Felecia Angelle
Tomas Marcus D. Stimac
ADR Crew
 ADR Director Mike McFarland
ADR Engineer Brandon Peters
Assistant ADR Engineer Xavier Earl
Assistant ADR Engineer Goeff Bisente


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