Hideo Kojima On Deathstarnding Norman Character

Deathstranding is something we are looking at to see what Kojima has planned for his first game now that he is free as a bird. But if you remember the E3 trailer people got excited because of one thing. Norman Reedus of the walking dead molded for the main character. Now as we try to figure out what this game is going to be about today we learn more about Norman character.  The problem is that it is Kojima which means this might not have any answers.

“Let’s say that Norman’s character is walking in New York (and the game is not set in New York, this is just an example), we’re trying to see if what we can depict with Decima Engine actually looks like New York, if it scales correctly and feels good there. Let’s say the character goes in an Italian restaurant, who the character meets going into the restaurant, what he will be eating, all those details are decided.

What we’re working right now on is what kind of tables will be there, the specific dialog, what is gonna be the menu of this restaurant… Those things are the things that we’re tuning right now.”


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