Dragon Quest XI Zone & Link

Dragon Quest XI news today has looking at a new battle system in Zone and Link. Zone will enhance characters in a blue light up to their strongest point and will carry over into the next battle as long as it last. Link allows you to combine with someone else to perform super attacks. What those attacks are depends on spells and techniques you have on hand.

  • Zone – A special state in which the character exhibits his or her highest power. It will continue for a while and can carry over to the next battle until it disappears.
  • Link – A powerful technique that combines the power of multiple party members. You can use various techniques depending on the spells and special skills you’ve learned.
  • Camus and Protagonist: “Falcon Dance” – Camus and the protagonist prepare their swords before unleashing a chain attack that pincers the enemy so fast they can’t even see it.
  • Silvia and Protagonist and Row: “Rose Hurricane” – A whirlwind of Silvia’s love that leaves the enemy beyond repair.
  • Full Party: “Giga Burst” – Combines the power of every party member. The ultimate special move in which the enemy is attacked within a shining blade

Article: http://gematsu.com/2017/05/dragon-quest-xi-introduces-zone-link-systems

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