Street Fighter V Premium Pass Special

Street Fighter V players are getting something special. The Premium pass holders will be getting some special stuff this month. This month you will get challenges to go along with the pro tour DLC already prepared. Here is the quote from PlayStation Blog.

“After reading the response to last year’s comments, many of you asked for more in-game events to be included with the content bundle and we’re happy to include that for the 2017 Season. Starting in June, players who purchased the CPT 2017 Premier Pass will be able to complete online targets such as winning a certain amount of Ranked Matches to redeem Fight Money.The action is just revving up though — we have more in store for our fans this year and we’re excited to share some of our plans with you today.”

A lot to look forward to isn’t it. So please enjoy this month.


As always thank you for reading.


About jcphotog

I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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