Shadow Hearts 3 Where Are You?

If you have been following then you know I am a Shadow Hearts fan. Last year fans all over were shocked when a the creators said From The New World wasn’t SH3 and that they would love to make it.

Now while this is exciting the problem is that love to make it doesn’t mean they will. Also it just leaves the door open with no date. So then how should we look at this? At best a game that can happen but will it remains to be seen. So with that in mind lets look at if it was?

Graphics up their but not to demanding. By that I mean we would get some well rendered stuff special effects in all but it will not be as out of the door such as Final Fantasy XV is with open world but would keep the character models. For the world think more Persona 5. With world map and location popping up instead of finding them in the world.

Story is something they actually did shed a light on. The series was supposed to focus on Yuri and with him no longer having his memories his Father and Uncle were supposed to help him get them back.  I came up with a name Shadow Hearts Reunion. Story telling wise I like the way covenant was done dark but with comedy that was odd but not to far.

Gameplay is up to imagination again but I think the system they had in From The New World would work. Turn based yes with stock which decides if you can do two spells o attacks. Probably add something to this maybe certain attack or special with a person during combo chain maybe.

I know it is dreaming but why not. FFVII remake is in the works we have Crash back in game. Their is rumor on FFXV getting a versus update and lets not forget KH3 is in the works as well. So why not dream a little. . E3 or TGS I would like to hear the news at either. Their is a fans base as Sony would know if they were to put either of the games up for DL on PSN as classics but they haven’t. Now for those wanting some solid news the creators are supposed to be working on a game but we were never told the title so f I here about either their game or Shadow Hearts 3 I will let you know.

As always thank you for reading.


About jcphotog

I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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30 Responses to Shadow Hearts 3 Where Are You?

  1. Universe says:

    All hell yeah I really pray and hope they make Shadow hearts 3 please make it machida I love this game with all my heart and Sprite

  2. Opium says:

    I really hope Shadow hearts 3 is really happening please I want Shadow hearts 3 to be officially announced

  3. Opium says:

    I really want shadow hearts 3 to really happen please I really hope they officially announced it for PS4

  4. Natan says:

    Shadow hearts Is the greatest RPG game ever in my opinion the judgement ring is so very amazing it’s the greatest battle system ever in shadow hearts

  5. Natan says:

    I really want a new shadow hearts too happen very much please if anyone can find if matsuzo machida and his studio is working on a new shadow hearts game please let me know I love these games very very very much I want a new shadow hearts very much

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