Dragon Quest XI New Images

Dragon Quest XI has new images. The images are from both ports PS4 and 3DS showing gameplay as well as showing the zone effect. The interesting thing is that the article compares zone to Final Fantasy IX trance. Take a look.

34363700892_afa974618a_o33681841264_a9bcdb27fa_o33681841054_f02049250c_oZone is a new battle feature that happens when a character’s concentration is at its best, temporarily increasing powers. Zone is characterized by its blue aura and it triggers while taking damage from enemies and such.

34363700732_77e2d35e15_oThe effects of Zone can carry over to the next battle, and having several party members in Zone mode can certainly bring out the damage.

34363700172_89bc242599_o34138776260_3fa68df9a8_oHowever, you’ll want to be careful, as monsters can also enter Zone status, and they’ll be tougher than ever.

34363700972_f72af09b3a_oWhen the protagonist goes Zone mode, he’s able to pair up with a party member or more to perform “Co-op Skills” that brings a variety of powerful mash-up abilities to the table. These vary according to what spells, abilities, and the number of Zone-active party members you have.

34363700812_ed50d5f407_oThis one shows Sylvia using his fire breath to power up the protagonist’s sword.

34138776580_be761dcf1e_oThe protagonist and Camus about the bust out “Shadow Attack.”

34363700682_91a2d42aca_o34394438341_d640aa6b31_oMonsters can go Zone, so that means they’re also able to pull off their own “Co-op Skills.” It looks like we’re going to have to be careful with these ones.


Let’s take a look at some more Co-op Skills:

34363700122_0052998249_o34363700062_642c70c9fa_oThe protagonist and Camus’ Co-op Skill “Falcon Dance.”

33714093103_49fcd5db63_o33681841684_344efaaf59_o34138776820_c8667e5455_o33714092843_9171ecb105_oSylvia, the protagonist, and Rou’s Co-op Skill “Rose Hurricane.”



34363699362_77f96348ea_oThe full-party Co-op Skill “Giga Burst.”



34363699182_1750c25fc5_oMartina and Rou’s Co-op Skill “Matou Enbu” or “Magic Fists Display.”
Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2017/05/08/dragon-quest-xis-new-screenshots-give-us-better-look-zone-co-op-skills/#xO7Sl55wuqzf4hQ2.99


As always thank you for reading.


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