Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood More Jobs

Final Fanrtasy XIV is still adding things with stormblood. Square Enix is teasing more jobs for new expansion from white mage to dragoon. To get the full detail here is the jobs as listed in the article. Check it out if you want dive into this net expansion.

White Mage:



“White mage’s new action. I’m sure you won’t be able to tell what the spell actually does from this, but just know that it’s beautiful. (laugh)”



“Astrologian’s new action. There are a lot of cards!?”



“Scholar’s new action. You tear the page to…”



“And, while this isn’t a healer, I noticed some people saying that the dragoon’s screenshot from the other day wasn’t an action shot (it was supposed to be scenic shot originally…), so here’s a bloody bonus shot for dragoon!”


As always thank you for reading.


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