Dragon Ball Super Gohan Mystic Of Next Level

A few episodes ago Dragon Ball Super had Gohan retain his mystic power. However with him facing off against Goku and Tien in a tag team match with Piccolo many are wondering what will we see. There may be spoilers so please take note.

First lets go over Gohan as he is in DBS. Gohan is out of shape so he was behind when it came to power so much so he lost the aura. For that reason during the opening for the tournament of power he can only go to Super Saiyan 2.

Now with Mystic Gohan back he should be back in form but according to translations more as with Piccolo training he was able to go beyond that as his wise teacher said their was more to him. Something Gohan fans have always heard and probably been waiting to hear again.

But what does that mean? In terms of power Mystic Gohan should be at the same power as Super Saiyan 3 without transforming. So going beyond that may just mean more power or a new transformation. As the preview for the next episode should Gohan take on Goku with his father going Super Saiayan 2 which isn’t showing much.  If we see Goku go 3 then we know he is back but many are hoping for Super Saiayan Blue with Kaio Ken just to show he is up to par. Also before anyone says it is just energy not a transformation the way the way he regained it was in DBZ transformation fashion.

The thing is we might not see that. Gohan is still in training and thus we may have a ways to go. On top of that we still need something for the big tournament so they might be saving that for then. Remember Goku transforming isn’t the only reason we are tuning in. But what do you guys think. Will there be a new transformation or is Gohan returned power is being pushed by Piccolo training with nothing new and shiny to show? Let me know.

As always thank you for reading.


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