Lupin Part 4 On Toonami

Lupin III is a series on a gentleman thief that many who have seen it have fallen in love with him and his capers. Well he is coming our way as Lupin III part 4 is coming to Toonami Discotek Media is doing the dubbing and for the most part those who were in part 3 will be returning to reprise their roles. This will be with the exception of Jake Martin as he will be replaced by Doug Erholtz as Zenigata. For those who have not seen part 3 here are the actors we know.

Richard Epcar, the voice of Daisuke Jigen from Lupin III: Part II, returned to direct the English dub along with Ellyn Stern. Tony Oliver (Arsene Lupin III), Lex Lang (Goemon Ishikawa), and Michelle Ruff (Fujiko Mine) also returned from Part II. June 17 is when we will be stealing with the best of them so mark it down.


As always thank you for reading.


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