Dragon Quest XI Forging

Today we learn some new stuff on Dragon Quest XI. The new stuff is on forging which allows you to make powerful equipment or basically improve existing equipment. How it works will be shown below taken from the article.

Dragon Quest XI (10)Dragon Quest XI (7)First, you’ll need to acquire a recipe and its required materials to start out. You can find recipes in bookshelves and such, while materials can be found throughout the fields of various parts.

Dragon Quest XI (9)Dragon Quest XI (6)You can try out the smithing feature on the “Mysterious Forge Set” that are found on campsites. The objective is to fill up the meters and put them in their “success zone.” You’ll also get to use skills to help increase success rates.

Dragon Quest XI (8)Dragon Quest XI (5)And once you finish up your work, you’ll be rewarded with a piece of equipment.

Dragon Quest XI (4)By successfully smithing a piece of equipment you can get a “Re-smith Gem” that allows you to enhance any equipment you currently own. Failing the re-smith won’t result in a loss of the item.

Dragon Quest XI (3)Dragon Quest XI (2)Dragon Quest XI (1)There’s also a sort of “critical hit” that appears, which gives it closer to success.


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