Final Fantasy VII Remake Needs More People Urgently

It seems Final Fantasy VII Remake needs a little help. The team is asking for more developers pitching FFVIIR and asking for more people to join them. This comes form Tetsuya as well as Kitase and Hamaguchi. You can see there statements below as they are looking for some new people to join in bring this classic back.

“Yoshinori Kitase

Business Division 1 Executive

1bd-02Business Division 1 is the section that is responsible for producing Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In 1997 we completely changed the gaming scene at the time with the worldwide hit that is Final Fantasy VII. And the remake of said masterpiece is Final Fantasy VII Remake.For this project, we aim to surpass the original work in terms of quality by increasing the number of staff to strengthen the core company development as we head into the development progress phase.In addition to myself, we have director Nomura, scenario writer Nojima-san, and more from the original Final Fantasy VII staff lineup that continued working as staff on the production of past Final Fantasy titles, and they are now joining the team one after the other.


How would you like to join us, together, in the Remake of Final fantasy VII?

We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

Tetsuya Nomura

Final Fantasy VII Remake Director

1bd-04I believe that many of us developers share the same feeling that Final Fantasy VII is a special title.Twenty years have gone by and the number of generations that aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy VII is increasing, so we must remake the game using today’s technology and systems in order to make it into a title that can last several more decades.Reproducing the world of Final Fantasy VII in high-definition requires an extraordinary amount of time and resources, so we’ll need all the help we can get to shorten that.As those of you concerned with the industry may already know, the number of domestic staff is significantly lower compared to that of foreign high-definition developers. Therefore, in order to further strengthen the development of this title, we must urgently recruit as much staff as possible.By all means, please join us in delivering the world of Final Fantasy VII, once again.


Naoki Hamaguchi

Business Division 1

Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Leader


1bd-03With the strong backing from producer Kitase and director Nomura’s thoughts of wanting to make Final Fantasy VII Remake into the best possible product for the fans, it’s been decided that I would step into the role of development leader in order to strengthen staff structure.From the pursuit of a new Final Fantasy game experience that can only be made through this remake, to the graphical challenges that come from the possibilities of evolving technologies—yes, we have everything that a creator needs to create in this here environment.I promise you that now is the best time for creators to display experience and abilities, for this title with high expectations from around the world.The emotions I felt from playing Final Fantasy VII twenty years ago, that’s what I want to revive, as new emotions for the present generation.I’m very much looking forward to receiving applications from those of you who feel the same way.”

Taking that into account it sees they are hiring. So if you are in Japan and have the skills give them a call. Hopefully it is just a few people they need if not. Start asking for from the guys who made that FF7 G Bike  mobile game. They said they always wanted to work on the game. What are you thoughts let me know.


As always thank you for reading.


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